Why Create an Account?

I don’t want to be lovers. Just friends. All the information I need is your first name, last initial, and email address. So even if I wanted to sell your data (which I don’t), I don’t even have anything valuable to sell…

And no, I have no intention of emailing you for any reason. Your email address is simply your unique user ID.

What are the Benefits?

An account certainly isn’t required. Feel free to continue browsing anonymously if you’d rather not. There are 2 reasons why I recommend creating an account:

  • Personal Notes: Save your own notes to any recipes! Want to up the spice? Add a note. Only need to halve a certain recipe? Add a note. Never want to make a recipe ever again? Add a note.
  • Favorites List: Found a recipe that you absolutely love? Add it as a favorite. Your Favorites are intended to be a quick-access list of all the recipes you definitely want to come back to regularly.

In essence, if you sign up you can make this site into YOUR PERSONAL eCookbook!

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