There are some things that will simply make your life easier, like a Magic Bullet blender, that are going to be worth the cost. Others, you may be able to do without and work around, such as a large food processor. But here are some of the items that I’ve found to be totally worth having in my kitchen.

Quick Look

    Casserole Dish, extra large (10 x 15 inch)

    With some of the recipes, you’re just going to need the space, especially the extra width. You can try to squeeze into 2 smaller dishes, but having a large one on-hand just makes things easier. But at least 1 standard 9 x 13 inch will also be needed.

    Electric hand mixer

    For smaller jobs that aren’t quite as thick or that don’t require quite as thorough mixing, like brownie batter or mashed potatoes, an electric hand mixer will save quite a bit of time and energy.

    Electric stand mixer

    This becomes indispensable with thicker doughs, like cookies. It’s just too much of a pain to mix by hand, whether manually or electrically.

    Food processor (10-cup)

    You can get away with smaller processors and just do 2 batches, but having a larger one will save some effort. There are some recipes where even in my 10-cup processor it gets a little tight.

    Immersion blender

    This is one of my favorite things. It’s basically a hand-held blender that you can stick directly into the pot. Super handy with soups and veggie broth. You don’t need to transfer anything to a separate blender!!

    Magic Bullet blender (or similar)

    This is a small blender that is usually used for individual smoothies or small blending jobs. This little thing becomes super handy when mixing flaxseed into an egg-like mixture simply because you’ll be dealing with such small quantities (a few Tbsp.) where a larger blender becomes very inefficient.


    The type of mandolin I’m referring to is the slicing kind, not the musical instrument. It allows you to slice very thin, very evenly, very quickly. These things are super sharp, so please be careful when using!!

    Silicon baking mats

    You can also use wax or parchment paper, but these things are reusable, easy to clean, and do a great job for all your baking needs.

    Slow cooker (8-quart)

    It doesn’t sound like a lot, but an 8-quart slow cooker is actually quite sizable. You could also use a large soup pot, but you’ll have to pay more attention to it because the heat won’t be as evenly distributed.

    Soup pot

    There are a lot of recipes, like soups and the veggie broth, where you are just going to need a really big pot. Plain and simple.


    Probably my absolute favorite piece of kitchen hardware! It’s like a soup pot meets a large skillet. Incredibly handy because it offers large volume with a wide top for simple access.

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