My Own Journey

I used to eat meat and cheese every day. It was delicious! But in 2020, my wife received a cancer diagnosis. After quite a bit of research and speaking with doctors, it became clear that a vegan diet would do the best job of lowering her cancer risk going forward.

For the first few months that we were vegan, we were pretty strict; we stuck to fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, pastas, etc. We never touched any of the meat & dairy substitutes, like Impossible beef. As a result, we had pretty intense cravings for the foods we gave up. For me, it was cheese. For my wife, it was cheeseburgers.

So, we decided to give the substitutes a try. To our surprise, a lot of them were actually really good! Others… not so much. While I understand that everyone will have access to different grocery stores and brands, I do share those vegan substitutions that I have found to be the best that I’ve tried so far on the Recommendations – Ingredients page. But you’re going to need to see what is available to you and test them out to find your own favorites!

I am an engineer, and I’m not the most creative person in the world. I can’t sing, play an instrument, draw, write, or do much of anything “artistic” very well. Except for cooking. Cooking is my creative outlet. I love experimenting with new flavors and tweaking recipes to see what happens. (As you’ll see, I’m also not a photographer… Please excuse my poor photos)

And this is really why I wanted to create this eCookbook. I wanted to share all of the work and experimentation that I’ve gone through to try to make the transition to a vegan diet as easy as possible for anyone who may be on a similar journey (plus I wanted it to be free for everyone!). Hopefully this site also gives you some ideas and basic understanding of vegan cooking so that you can convert your own favorite recipes!

I honestly can’t see myself going back to my old diet. In my opinion, vegan cooking isn’t any more difficult or challenging than my old diet used to be. And I feel noticeably better both mentally and physically.

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